lol turns out they raised tuition by a few hundred and now my loans&financial aid won’t cover my rent like I was hoping and lolololololololololol fuck me

Pole dancing is the only thing that makes me kind of forget about my financial problems and actually makes me feel good about myself so I’m just going to keep trying to do it as much as possible when I’m not working

I feel shitty and like a failure for having to put everything on my credit card just to eat but n either of my two jobs pay a living wage and I’m full time in school which limits my availability for work and I still can’t make rent and I try to scrimp and save but even then I can’t afford it so I have to put everything on my credit card and it just makes me feel sick to just bury myself more in debt but there isn’t anything else I can do I’m already so busy I’m going crazy I don’t have time for a 3rd job. And I just hate talking about how I literally can’t afford to live.

In work I talk about how all boys are really dumb all the time bc they are and it comes up a lot and I’m pretty sure one of my coworkers thinks I legitimately have it out for all men lololol

I’m in a meeting


and someone made an incredibly mild sexual joke and my boss told them not to talk like that in front of me because “Look how innocent and sweet she is!” Umm sorry ma’m but I literally had a dildo in my ass less than 30 minutes ago, my panties are still wet. No need to try to protect me, I am already 100% ruined. 



Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who remembers Human Giant, the comedy show that Aziz and those two other guys in his comedy troupe had on MTV for like a season and a half. It wasn’t so shitty but it existed and whence I talk about in people look at me like I made it all up!!!! It existed!!! The Hills pictures are proof!!!!! 2008!!!!!

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dream job

introducing yourself on the first day of school